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Developing creativity through art

Posted in Uncategorized by BGCOP Staff on March 8, 2013

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The arts are such an important part of a child’s development that they’re identified as one of the Club’s five core areas to help youth reach their full potential. To increase involvement in this important -and fun- area, the Club holds a yearly Fine Arts contest with 10 different categories. The categories include monochromatic drawing, multi-colored drawing, pastel, watercolor, oil or acrylic, printmaking, mixed media, collage, sculpture and group project. In the Club’s most recent fine arts exhibit, this past January, 33 students of all ages were honored of the more than 100 students who entered.
art photo 1These members are now competing at the Boys & Girls Club’s regional competition which takes place between Feb. 11 and Mar. 22 at Washington State. If selected, winners move on to the national competition in May, where more than 1,100 clubs nationwide will be participating.

“I love to see member’s self-esteem grow with their creativity,” said Tom Barber, program director. “This art exhibit gives them the chance to see that they can create amazing art, which helps them gain confidence.”
For the last 15 years, the Club has been submitting artwork for the regional and national competitions as part of a year-round program that promotes artistic expression among club members ages 6-18. Youth from the Club’s 13 after-school sites and the club facility at the Ventura County Juvenile Justice Center also compete. A variety of projects were submitted.

Here are the winners for each age group and category:
Mixed Media:
6-9 – Jamie Rojas
10-12 – Jose Espinoza
13-15 – Hailey Cardenas
16-18 – Paloma Guzman

6-9 – Eric Bustamante
10-12 – Kalia Carino
13-15 – Jaden White

6-9 – Miguel Hernandez
10-12 – Juliana Tello
13-15 – Vanessa Torralba
16-18 – Gilbert De la Cruz

6-9 – Antziri Pinental
10-12 – Katie M
13-15 – Nancy Castaneda

6-9 – Ariana Diaz
10-12 – Cameron Covarrubias
13-15 – Kayla Mota
16-18 – Eric Cervantes

6-9 – Adrian Cerbin
10-12 – Elvira Martinez

Jimena Pena
Maricruz Torralba
Claudia Torres
Dayanara Guerrero
Angela Valenzuela

6-9 – Matthew Rivera
10-12 – Ashley Garcia
13-15 – Kayla Mota

6-9 – Andrea Martinez
10-12 – Michelle Landeros
13-15 – Miguel Martinez

6-9 – Marcos Mercado
10-12 – Andrea Taboada


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