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A Message from Tim Blaylock Chief Professional Officer

Posted in Uncategorized by BGCOP Staff on June 20, 2013

A Message from Tim Blaylock
Chief Professional Officer

The Club celebrates its 59th anniversary this month! For more than 59 years now the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Oxnard and Port Hueneme has been here for our youth no matter what. Serving more than 9,000 youth each and every day, I’m exposed to stories of heartache and resilience from our youth who attend our clubs daily. Their stories range from optimistic to tragic. Today I’m sharing a poem by Lily Eagle Dorman-Colby called A Ripened Fuji!

I wasn’t a rotten apple, But you wouldn’t eat me
You see I was picked too early, And never got a chance to ripen
I did not leave on my own accord, I was thrown in the back of a dusty truck
Leaving my farm, Cramped in the stiff cardboard box
On a road that only got windier
Of all the places, I was placed on your shelf
You never liked me, You see, I did not go bad
I just, I just wasn’t handled with care,
My peel now carries permanent bruises
You’re afraid my bitterness will rub off on your tongue
No matter how tough I pretend to be, You see, I have a soft spot
And you think, I am going to fall apart on you
You see my scars, then shudder and turn away. Maybe I wasn’t meant to be loved
I was left in a basket with far more desirable fruits.
And when they were all snatched up, I remained.
You were too afraid to toss me out, Yet, you felt guilty leaving me there
You passed by me hoping I would somehow grow younger
Hoping someone else will help me, Or put me out of my misery, But no one will
And now you realize this, You will toss me out in the morning before work
I will not blame you, I am a ripened Fuji
And I understand how the world works
I have grown older, and sweet, And even with my bruises, I still shine
I was not a bad apple, You just wouldn’t eat me.

Lily wrote this poem about her life from an apple’s perspective. What would the world be like if you were an apple endlessly waiting to be eaten? After writing the poem she realized it was actually about her experience in foster care. Fortunately, later while living in more supportive environments, she was able to find a stronger sense of self and school became important to her. She excelled in her classes and signed up for countless extracurricular activities. After high school she received scholarships and graduated from Yale University in 2010 and is currently attending UC Berkeley School of Law.

Our Boys & Girls Clubs serve all children, especially those who need us most, like Lily. All kids regardless of their background need loving supportive relationship with caring adults. Our staff, volunteers and donors pride themselves on supporting this day in and day out, but ongoing funding for our every-day programs remains a struggle.

Please help us give all children the love and support they need to thrive by making a contribution that directly helps kids succeed.

Together we can do more!


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