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Message from Tim Blaylock, Chief Professional Officer

Posted in Uncategorized by BGCOP Staff on August 21, 2013

Message from Tim Blaylock, Chief Professional Officer

There’s nothing more productive than investing in children. The financial outcomes are proven. For our Club members, studies have proven a seven-fold return on individual investments. As caring adults, we have responsibilities to our children and community. We have a choice to invest in our children for a better tomorrow.

Business leaders have the ability to create many opportunities for young people to obtain the skills they need. For example, businesses can partner with us and other youth organizations to provide internships, job-shadowing programs and summer jobs, and they can encourage their employees to serve as mentors and tutors. Businesses can invest in programs at the local, state and national level that have demonstrated their ability to improve outcomes for young people, and, finally, business leaders can use their expertise in innovation and management to help identify new and creative solutions.

Think about the difference you can make today, tomorrow and throughout the year by supporting academic success, healthy lifestyles and good character and citizenship. In doing so, you are creating a better community for generations to come and helping each child realize their full potential.

The greatest crisis we face in America is not the economic crisis. It is the crisis in our families, communities and in education, particularly with high school graduation rates.

Several studies make clear the importance of completing high school:
• Dropouts are more likely to be on state-funded medical care and welfare.
• They are less likely to pay taxes and more likely to be unemployed.
• 54 percent of all high school dropouts are jobless.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Oxnard and Port Hueneme’s 18 Club locations annually serve more than 9,000 youth, and 96 percent of these youth will graduate from high school! We are changing and saving lives and the community. We are proud of our contribution to the futures of these children and the community, and we must broaden our impact by serving more.

In a world where young people are up against an increasing number of challenges and choices, the Boys & Girls Clubs are working to bring out the best in each young person, helping them become strong individuals with character, self-confidence and self-sustainability. BGCOP is giving them a brighter future. In turn, they are giving Oxnard and Port Hueneme their future.

I encourage you to check us out come by for a tour of one of our facilities. See us online at Together we can do more for our greatest asset, our children.


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