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Youth learn about careers in healthcare

Posted in Uncategorized by BGCOP Staff on August 21, 2013

Youth learn about careers in healthcare

Thanks to a partnership with St. John’s Hospital, Club members in the Youth Empowerment Program can attend new quarterly career fairs hosted by the hospital, which will highlight a wide range of careers in healthcare, including nurses, doctors, cooks and phlebotomists.

Mariana Cazares, BGCOP program coordinator, expects 118 youth will participate in the Youth Empowerment Program this program year. Already, 65 youth have signed up for the program.

“Healthcare is a growing field that provides great career opportunities. By having career fairs, we aim to show students that there are so many more jobs in the field than just doctors and nurses, so they can be exposed to occupations that are exciting to them and start doing research to see what’s needed to get a job in the field,” said Cazares.

YEP offers young people the necessary training and skills to excel in the workplace through three different programs for high school students and youth out of high school.

Programs offered through YEP:
Job ready program for high school students
Job ready accelerated program for youth out of high school
Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship Program – which is offered to high school seniors interested in starting a business and offered at Channel Islands, Hueneme, Pacifica and Oxnard high schools


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