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Triple Play’s Big Summit ’13!

Posted in Uncategorized by BGCOP Staff on October 18, 2013


Leadership Summit’s goals were to empower teens and advisors to go back to communities and combat obesity!

Contributed by Angel L. and Albert L., Teen Reporters, BGCOP

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Triple Play Leadership Summit took place last weekend at the Olympic Training Facility in Colorado Springs and we were happy to have been a part of this GREAT opportunity!

We arrived on Friday and checked in at the Olympic Training Facility dorms where we roomed with other Triple Play Leadership teens from all over the country. When everyone met up, we were split into three teams for the weekend that represented the essential elements of Triple Play — Mind, Body and Soul!

We got into physical activity right away and participated in soccer and flag rugby for a couple of hours. After working up a big appetite we went to eat at the Training Ground Cafeteria where we ate the most delicious HEALTHY food! Who would’ve thought that all that great food was so healthy, right?

But the biggest moment of the first day was the Teen Health Forum. We are all asked to go back to our communities to fight obesity and we had a great forum with smart teen speakers talking about things such as why it’s easier to get unhealthy food, making time to exercise and more! It was really a beneficial forum.

Oh, who could forget the great FREE stuff we got: some really cool Triple Play backpacks with a notebook, water bottle, flashdrive wristband, T-shirts, and a NEW PAIR of lime green New Balance shoes!

More Fun on Day Two Includes Nature Hike!

On Day Two, we had a Triple Play meeting with all of the Clubs that attended where we discussed the importance of being healthy and staying active. We had so much fun meeting and sharing cool ideas with other Boys & Girls Clubs around the nation.

In the afternoon, we played non-traditional sports such as badminton and lacrosse, which we don’t play too often but found out are really fun. Later on in the day we got to go to the Garden of the Gods where we hiked on a trail and saw plenty of remarkable rock formations like the “Balancing Rock” and other great scenes.

In the evening, we all worked on the action plans we plan to take back to our communities, and presented a program we named “Healthysaurus Rex,” where Clubs put up nutrition facts of the foods that they serve at snack time. Another part of our program was called “Power Play,” which was a combination of Triple Play and Power Hour where everyone participates in an activity for at least an hour.

We are very grateful to BGCA for selecting our Club to participate in the Triple Play Leadership Summit because we can now help our Club be an even more healthy and active place for our peers. We came back with a lot of creative ideas to share with our friends and can’t wait for what the future has in store for Triple Play!

Visit the website ( to see more pictures and videos of our Club members interviewing presenters from the 2013 Triple Play Leadership Summit, including U.S. Paralympian Dartanyon Crockett!



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