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Developing creativity through art

Posted in Uncategorized by BGCOP Staff on January 24, 2014

Developing creativity through art

More than 30 Club members were honored this month with top awards for their art submissions in the Club’s yearly Fine Arts Contest, which had more than 100 students participate.

The arts are such an important part of a child’s development that they’re identified as one of the Club’s five core areas to help youth reach their full potential. To increase involvement in this important –and fun– area, the Club holds a Fine Arts contest with 10 different categories. The categories include monochromatic drawing, multi-colored drawing, pastel, watercolor, oil or acrylic, printmaking, mixed media, collage, sculpture and group project.

The members with top awards will go on to compete at the Boys & Girls Club’s regional competition, which takes place between Feb. 17 and Mar. 28. If selected, winners move on to the national competition in May, where more than 1,100 clubs nationwide will be participating.

“I really enjoy seeing the kids work,” said Isabel Erguera, music and art room coordinator at the Martin V. Smith Clubhouse. “They get really excited when they think of something to create and so happy to see the completed work. I love to see their excited faces.”

The members work on art projects all year that can be used in the art show, Isabel said. Each month, Club members in the art program learn a different art medium and then create art pieces. The best pieces are chosen to be in the Club’s local art show and judged.

The Club has submitted artwork for more than 15 years to the regional and national competitions as part of a year-round program that promotes artistic expression among Club members ages 6-18. Youth from the Club’s 13 after-school sites and the Club facility at the Ventura County Juvenile Justice Center also compete.

Here are the winners for each age group and category:


6-9 – Crystal Castellenos

10-12 – Alberto Lugo

13-15 – Katrina Swanson

16-19 – David Swanson



6-9 – Esteban Lozano

10-12 – Jamie Lozano

13-15 – Glenda Guzman

16-18 – Breanna Alvarezmulticolored6-9



6-9 – Diego Hernandez-Trujillo

10-12 – Jesus Jaramillo

13-15 – Jesus Pena

16-18 – Lesie Galeane


Multi color:

6-9: Ashley Vitela

10-12 – Jadda Keys

16-18 – Daniel Cruz


Print making:acrylic13-15-1

6-9 – Dayanara Guerrero



6-9 – Jazmin Lopez

10-12 – Brittany Zalazar

13-15 – Manuel Mugarauy

16-18 – Paloma Guzman



6-9 – Celeste Ramirez

10-12 – Lisa Manzo

13-15 – Valeria Virgen

16-18 – Jovanny Briceno


Mixed media:

6-9 – Jessica Lopez

10-12 – Jessica Vaca-Mendez

13-15 – Miguel Martinezsculpture10-12

16-19 – Breanna Alvarez



6-9 – Daisy Ramos

10-12 – Mark Sanchez

13-15 – Katrina Swanson

16-18 – Claritza Juarez


Group project:

16-18 – HHS art room


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