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Improving attention, reading and math levels

Posted in Uncategorized by BGCOP Staff on January 24, 2014

Improving attention, reading and math levels


STAR test results show Club members are making big leaps in academics – they’re also showing improvement in the areas of behavior and attention after participating in Hardy Brain Camp, a computer-based program. BGCOP’s members have used the computer-based program since in 2009, when the Club volunteered to host the pilot program.

With the program, students train their brains to learn at a more fundamental level than most remedial and tutoring programs. The program lasts six weeks and research shows typical improvements of at least one year in reading and math.

“The Hardy Brain Camp helps students develop basic skills for succeeding in school, including paying attention, working through distractions and organizational skills,” said Sherrie Hardy, creator of the Hardy Brain Camp training program. “The absence of these essential skills can lead to low academic performance.”

The Hardy Brain Camp uses a metronome training to teach the brain to think faster and process information more easily by using millisecond timing. (Millisecond timing happens at the speed of one-thousandth of a second.) It enables us to pay attention, think quickly, make fast decisions, organize information and communicate it effectively. All of these key steps are necessary for success in school, said Sherrie.

The sessions are ongoing and will be running at a different BGCOP site each month. The next few sessions are Feb. 10 – March 7 at Rio Lindo and Tierra Vista; March 10-April 10 at Laguna Vista and 7th Street Clubhouse, 126 E. 7th Street, Oxnard; April 14-May 14 at the Juvenile Justice Center Branch and Rio Rosales; and May 19-June19 at Rio Del Norte and the Port Hueneme Branch, 590 East Pleasant Valley Rd, Port Hueneme.

Since the pilot program began, hundreds of Club kids have gone through the program. In the next few years Sherrie said she hopes to expand it to other Boys & Girls Clubs across the country.

To learn more about the Hardy Brain Camp watch this video ( You can also visit


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