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How YOU Can Empower Youth

Posted in Uncategorized by BGCOP Staff on March 10, 2014


You have a lot to offer children and youth—even if you don’t have much time or money. The most valuable asset you have is you.

Consider the list below from Take It Personally: Valuable Insights for People Who Care about Kids. Which of these things can you offer young people?

How YOU Can Empower Youth

Adults can . . .

Listen to young people.

Notice young people’s contributions and gifts.

Ask young people for their advice.

Include young people in decisions.

Give young people meaningful roles.

Help young people make their dreams come true.

Find out young people’s opinions.

Celebrate young people’s accomplishments.

Take seriously young people’s fears and worries.

Learn the reasons for young people’s feelings.

See young people as important contributors to your community in the present and in the future.

Learn about music, books, and activities that are important to young people.


Together we can help all of our children become productive, caring and responsible adults! It just takes a little Time!



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