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Dance Force 2014

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Dance Force 2014

Eight of our After School Sites at the Rio School District participated in the High Desert Dance Contest 2014, on March 15 and 16 in Lancaster. We are proud to say that hard- and smart-work pays off! Many of our students made it to the semi-finals and finals in the contest.



We are so proud of our little dancers! We first piloted this dancing program in 2012 with 5th grade students from two of our elementary schools, Rio Plaza and Rio Real. The program was so well-liked, we implemented it at our eight After School Programs in the Rio School District. Students from each site went to their first contest in 2013.

Being new to ballroom dancing and new to training our staff to coach our students, for this year’s contest we decided to build more collaboration with USA Dance High Desert Chapter, and we had a few more professionals, like Daniel Herzog, visit most of our sites and provide extra support for our students and staff.

Smart work pays off! Many of our students made it to the Semi Finals and to Finals in the contest. Here is a glimpse of all the success stories from Dance Force 2014 (with the help of Luz Martinez, BGCOP school based programs specialist):


Here is one of the best pictures that we have from Saturday’s competition for Dance Force. I am very proud to say that this couple did an awesome job! They won first place for merengue and foxtrot. They gave it their all when they were practicing at school and even would practice at home with their parents.

–Nataly Zamudio, Site Coordinator at Rio Plaza

First place in merengue: Rio Plaza students Miriam Reza and Jefferson Nava. Second place in merengue: Rio Del Mar students Sofia Avila and Ulises Gavia.



Dance Force is unique program for that teaches kids how to ballroom dance with the comfort of the staff at the Boys & Girls club. Each couple had to learn three dances (foxtrot, merengue and East Coast swing). On the first day, these kids didn’t know how to dance at all. Then after a few months of practice they became great dancers. –Daniel Diaz, Program Aide and Dance Force Instructor


Rio Rosales students: Matthew Zambrano, Peter Tran, Jose Ocampo, Christopher Martinez, Manual Guerrero, Eric Bustamante, Miguel Cervantes, Taylon Madison, Juan Mendoza, Gracie Alcaron, Elyssa Martinez, Jada Keys, Janessa Martinez, Heidi Salazar, Rosa Alvarez and Yoselynn Mendieta







Students dancing the salsa.                                                                         Students dancing the East Coast swing.





The Rio Del Mar Dance Force team did very well at the competition. All four of the students (Izaak Camarillo, Mariah Gruber, Ulises Gavia, and Sofia Avila) advanced in each song to the semi-finals. Two of the students, Sofia Avila and Ulises Gavia, went on to the finals and won second place in the merengue. The students were very excited and had a wonderful time.

–Anthony Oliveras, Site Coordinator

g h

Rio Del Mar students Sofia Avila and Ulises Gavia, went on to the finals and won second place in the merengue.



Our students did great this year. This year we had students actually make it into the quarter finals and semi-finals. Our kids did great a great job overall.

–Leonor Pazos, Site Coordinator at Rio Lindo


Students dancing the foxtrot.


Students about to do the promenade in foxtrot.



Dance Force kids were so excited for the competition! The competition started out with the merengue. Brady Wilkinson led his partner Virginia Martinez, and Andy Flores leading his partner Aiyanna Contreras.

The next dance was the East Coast swing. Angel Altamirano led his partner Aiyanna Contreras, along with Angel Mora leading his partner Fatima Loza.

Angel and Fatima made it to the semi-finals for the foxtrot. Foxtrot was next lead by Brady Wilkinson and Fatima Loza.

Tango competitors were Angel Mora and partner Virgina Martinez.

The last dance of the day was the rumba. Spicing it up on the dance floor were Andy Flores and his partner Aiyanna Contreras, along with Angel Altamirano and partner Virginia Martinez. After the individual dances the kids had fun dancing on the floor with family and friends. Congrats to all the competitors!

Wendy Clyde, Site Coordinator at Rio Vista

















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