Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Oxnard and Port Hueneme

Spotlight: LaCresha McManus

Posted in Uncategorized by BGCOP Staff on September 23, 2014

Boys_Girls_JC_Anna-129_LaCreshaA passionate, hard-working motivator who loves to laugh and enjoy life—that’s LaCresha McManus in a nutshell. For the past five years, she has spent her days inspiring and mentoring the Club’s teens as is the BGCOP Entrepreneurship and Leadership Coordinator and Keystone Club Advisor. This year, she received the Club’s C.E.C.I.L. award for leadership.
LaCresha guides teens (ages 13-18) in areas such as academic success, career preparation, community service and teen outreach. She works with high school seniors in the NFTE (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship) Program, where teens are instructed to create their own business over an eight-week course and then compete in-house against their classmates.

Once a member of the Port Hueneme Club, LaCresha says being a mentor to our teens is the most important part of her job. “I try and embody the Boys & Girls Clubs’ values into everything that I do regularly. In return, I see my progress in the success of our programs here at the BGCOP.”

Always busy, LaCresha works one-on-one, in small groups or even in large groups with teens to make sure they are engaged and that she and her team are making a positive impact in the lives of our youth. She spends of lot of time encouraging teens to go to college.
“To see Club members go on to accomplish great things, despite the challenges I see them face regularly, is a satisfaction unlike any other,” says LaCresha.
“I can’t help but cry tears of joy in those moments, because I think of all the trials and tribulations the youth have overcome, the long nights I’ve probably chosen to stay at the Club so that they could finish a project with my help and even the tough conversations that I might have had to have in order for them to make a change for themselves. Those accomplishments can never be paid off in monetary form; in fact, those moments remind me of why I chose to work here at the Boys & Girls Club.”


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