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BGCOP Recognizes YEP Participants at Success Ceremony

Posted in Uncategorized by BGCOP Staff on May 27, 2015


Congratulations to the 103 Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) participants who successfully completed   the program! They were recognized April 30 at a success ceremony. Family and friends shared in the special awards dinner, where YEP case managers recognized all their students and presented special awards to select participants.


Partner Awards and recognition were also given to the educational and employment partners that help make YEP successful by offering their time, space or services. These partners include Imperium Reiggn Empire, Center for Employment Training and Little Piece of Heaven.


YEP offers young people in the Boys & Girls Clubs the necessary training and skills to excel in the workplace through three different programs:

  • For high school students, the Job Ready program focuses on career planning and leadership skills and is offered at Channel Islands, Hueneme, Pacifica and Oxnard high schools.
  • The Job Ready Accelerated program assists youth aged 18-21 and already out of school with a diploma/GED, vocational training and employment.
  • The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship program offers high school seniors a chance to design their own business venture and be awarded a cash prize to invest in their ideas.

YEP offers multiple services to students enrolled. In addition to a case manager who serves as a mentor and guide toward educational or employment goals, students also get paid work experience with local employers. The programs also include supportive services, which help youth obtain vocational training and clothing for interviews, and cover the cost of bus passes and exam fees.


More than 1,100 Club youth in the Oxnard and Port Hueneme areas have been a part of YEP since the program began in 2004.


Special award recipients:


In School

Most Valuable Participant

Gabriela Avila, Ivan Martinez, Stephanie Oseguera, Mirian Paz


Most Dedicated

Esteban Hernandez, Griselda Morales,

Miraly Rodriguez, Roscysela Soto-Pahua


Most Improved

Griselda Cano, Gabriela Castro, Alvaro Fernandez, Marissa Lofton


Most Entrepreneurial Spirit

Amber Holmes


Out of School

Most Valuable Participant

Amairani Calderon, Blanca Garcia


Most Dedicated

Erica Foster, Cristian Tapia


Most Resilient

Viviana Pina, Danica Ramirez


Perfect Attendance

Lucero Zontilmatzi





Congratulations to:


In School


Jennifer Ambriz, Maria Avalos, Gabriela Avila, Griselda Cano, Viviana Cano, Ana Castellon, Gabriela Castro, Loriana Castro, Faviola Cisneros, Mirella Cruz, Alysha Dominguez, Annel Espinoza, Hermes Fabian-Carrasco, Alvaro Fernandez, Marcelina Garcia, Melissa Garza, Alondra German, Xenna Gutierrez-Magana, Estaban Hernandez, James Humphrey, Diana Jaramillo, Marissa Lofton, Astrid Lovos, Maria Macias, Ivan Martinez, Sandivel Martinez, Juan Melendez, Justin Mire, Griselda Morales, Eric Navarrete, Jennifer Ortiz, Stephanie Oseguera, Mirian Paz, Pilar Ramirez, Tania Ramirez, Miraly Rodriguez, Jose Salgado, Daisy Sampablo, Jesse Solorio, Rosycela Soto Pahua, Jennifer Rosas, Laura Vargas, Eltheo Wiliiams, Lucero Zontillimatzi, Isabel Zecua



Out of School

Cesar Arevalo, Jose Arreola, Monica Arreola, Ariana Ayala, Andrew Ayno, Bryanna Bonilla, Natalia Benintende, Amairani Calderon, Leslie Castro, Jeremy Cruz, Miguel Delgado, Jose Espinoza, Hose Faagogo, Efrain Flores, Luis Flores, Erica Foster, Jennipher Galeana, Leslie Galeana, Blanca Garcia, Ernesto Garcia, Juana Garcia, Cherie Girlolami, Crystal Gomez, Nikolas Inglis, Sarai Inglis, Arturo Lobato, Jenesis Lopez, Jennifer Lopez, Mario Mares, Hector Martin, Dylan McTaggart, Brittany Montoya, Kemisi Odaibo, Gerardo Palomares, Julio Palomares, Ashley Pell, Viviana Pina, Valeria Pulido, Danica Ramirez, Teresa Raya, Rudy Reyes, Javier Rodarte, Alexis Rodriguez, Araceli Rodriguez, Lucy Rodriguez, Maria Ruiz Rodriguez, Gloria Rosales, Yesenia Rosales, Eduardo Sandoval, Dakota Stoddard, Cristian Tapia, Marisa Tovar, Marisela Yanez


Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship Program

Keliah Branch, Amber Holmes, Freddy Ruiz, Rene Quiro



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